Why have IT Support when you could have an IT Solution

Welcome to ZMir Limited. We are here to help businesses realize their IT potential. We don’t tie you down to long service contracts. We are here to provide you with the best options for YOUR business.

Please contact us and see how we can help your business now.

What We Offer

Below is a selection of services we offer. If there is something you don’t see then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help with your business IT needs and for ways your IT can be improved for you. With over 13 years of experience in a variety of different environments allows me to understand and tailor a solution to your specific business.
We are server specialists both in support and tailoring solutions for your business. We can also offer warranties for your existing infrastructure.
Is your network slowing you down? Are you on the best services available to you? Is your WiFi coverage not enough? We can help with all of these whether you have a home internet connection that needs improving or a business wanting to look at better connectivity between sites, we are here to help.
Sometimes you have specific needs from your computer that an off the shelf solution won’t do. Maybe your CAD Package is taking too long to render or maybe you want a heavy duty gaming PC. I can source and build a custom PC tailored to your needs.
All this talk about cloud and we aren’t talking about the weather. You now don’t always need a server to sort your emails or file sharing. Both of these and a whole host of other options can be dealt with by the ‘Cloud’ which can save you money. Again this is tailored to what is best for YOU.
Have you got a disaster recovery plan in place? Do you have a verified and tested backup? Do you even have a backup? If you are unsure about any of these questions then you need us to make sure you have something in place as a precaution. It will never happen to you until its too late.
Do you have a managed AntiVirus system? I offer a flexible cloud managed service with one of the best AntiVirus providers around, BitDefender.
Tired of receiving so much Email spam? We offer a service which before it hits your inbox it can be scanned/verified by Symantec.Cloud including any links or attachments.


G I Fox Ltd

Good Morning Zaffar
I would be willing to give testimonial to any interested party that required confirmation of you excellent prompt and efficient service.
I find you most helpful  in dealing with any faults that arise on my computers
Kind Regards,
G I Fox Ltd

G I Fox Ltd Director


Built me a computer up from scratch. And was always on hand to help with virus/ malware and antivirus issues. Highly recommended. Excellent service


JPW Consulting

Hi Zaff,

Both John and I have been extremely impressed with how reactive you’ve been when we’ve contacted you regarding our IT problems .

You’ve got back in touch with us immediately which is reassuring when we’re dealing with problems that affect whether we can work or not !

You have a professional attitude and you are easy to communicate with – both of which are important to us.

Many thanks

Julie Business Manager