Having a virtualized environment means you are running ‘virtual servers’ on a physical host server. This allows you to save on having lots of various degrading hardware and have a cleaner server environment. There are various different hardware setups you can have. The main ‘Host Server OS’ is usually Windows ‘Hyper-V’ or VMWare ‘ESXi’. There are other rivals but these are the 2 main ones in use. Below is a few things we can offer.

Server Virtualization

Key Virtualization Services offered by ZMir Ltd.

  • Physical to virtual conversion (P2V) of existing physical servers
  • Installation and/or setup of Windows Hypervisor Server (HyperV) or VMWare ESXi server
  • Load-balancing of virtual machines to reduce hardware bottlenecks
  • Clustering over multiple physical servers, sites and links
  • Virtual Server backups that can make restoration times drop
  • Documentation and training for in-house IT staff
  • Integration into existing Disaster Recovery Planning or creation of a new plan
Business benefits of Server Virtualization
  • Consolidation of physical servers – reducing space, power and cooling requirements
  • Reduction of capital and IT management costs by having less hardware to support
  • Increased availability of resources through reduction in Server downtime
  • Deliver resources and applications in an efficient and scalable way
  • Faster disaster recovery response time
  • Extending the lifespan of existing servers and applications